Missouri Pastor Dies 3 Months After Church Installation

Missouri Pastor Dies 3 Months After Church Installation: The pastor of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in New Haven, Missouri, the Rev. Dan Smith who was officially installed as the Church’s settled pastor on June 11, died at 67 following a chemical car crash incident.

Smith was killed in a chemical car crash last Friday after a semi-truck carrying a load of anhydrous ammonia toppled in central Illinois, spilling half of its content. Four other persons including two children were killed following the incident.

The church announced Pastor Smith’s demise in a Monday Facebook statment.

“With heavy hearts we share the news of the death of our pastor, Dr. Dan Smith. Dan died in an accident near Teutopolis, IL Friday night (Sept. 29) when a semi-truck carrying anhydrous ammonia overturned. The accident created a large plume cloud of anhydrous on the roadway that caused terribly dangerous air conditions. Dan was one of five fatalities,” the church announced in a statement on Facebook Monday.

They also expressed their condolences to the deceased family, further requesting prayers for the pastor’s family as well as the families of other victims.

“We extend our sympathy to Dan’s son Micah Smith, his sister Sande Hardy, and other family and friends. Please also keep in your prayers the family and friends of the other four lives that were lost, as well as those who were injured,” the statement read.

Pastor Smith who began working at the St. Peter’s United Church of Christ on Feb. 1, 2022, had earlier served as a Methodist pastor for 20 years. He reportedly grew up poor in rural Indiana and only became a Christian at 25. Smith had said that becoming a Christian as an adult helped him to be more sympathetic to unchurched people.

“I believe due to this I have a view of spirituality that sometimes gives me an edge in reaching the unchurched population,” he was quoted by Christian Post as saying. “I have a strong desire to reach the people that have not experienced the grace and love that the Body of Christ has to offer. The Church offers a healing and hopeful place to belong.”


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