Mother of Spanish Football Official Discharged from Hospital After Church Hunger Strike

Ángeles Béjar, the mother of the Spanish Football official Luis Rubiales who came under fire after kissing a female player on live television, as she came up to collect the World Cup trophy has been discharged from hospital after a several-day church hunger strike left her “in poor health”

Béjar was protesting vehemently the treatment her son who is the Spanish FA president suffered after he kissed the Spanish player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth during the World Cup Final while locked inside the Divina Pastora Church in her hometown of Motril.

She was transported to the hospital after feeling exhausted and anxious, according to Father Antonio Rodriquez, the church’s priest, who subsequently made the announcement.

“I need to tell you that she has had a crisis, she has worsened and they needed to take her urgently to the hospital,” Father Antonio said at the church on Wednesday.

“She’s not here anymore. She had to leave for the hospital because the woman was already tired and had lots of issues already, even some anemic issues so she had to leave.”

Béjar was allowed to remain in the house of worship by the church’s diocese after they acknowledged they had no protocol for such circumstances.

“No one is expelled from inside a temple, except for altercations. We always engage in dialogue with the person.”

Fr Rodriguez also confirmed Rubiales had been in touch with her mother during the three days she stayed in the church.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino says Spain’s Women’s World Cup winning celebrations have been “spoiled” by the scandal.

The Spanish FA president – who’s been suspended by world football’s governing body – kissed player Jenni Hermoso, on live television, as the players came up to collect the World Cup trophy.  The footballer says the kiss was without consent, but 46-year-old Rubiales insists that’s not true.  He is refusing to quit, despite widespread criticism.

Spain’s government has announced a legal panel is investigating what happened.  FIFA’s Infantino feels that the incident “should never have happened” but insists they acted “immediately” and have taken the “necessary actions”.

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