Nick Vujicic Seeks Donations to Fund New Free Book ‘Gifting the World Hope’

Nick Vujicic Launches Support for New Book Project

Nick Vujicic Seeks Donations to Fund New Free Book ‘Gifting the World Hope’

Motivational speaker and author Nick Vujicic is on a mission to spread hope around the globe and  Seeks donations to fund a new free book aptly titled ‘Gifting the World Hope.’

The ambitious project aims to not only provide a free resource for those struggling but also raise a significant sum to fuel the cause. Nick has set his sights on a $1 million goal to support the book’s launch and translation into a staggering 66 different languages.

Driven by a deep concern for the mental well-being of countless individuals facing hardship and suicidal thoughts, Nick hopes “Gifting the World Hope” will serve as a beacon of light. The free, digital book will offer tools and strategies for building courage and resilience, empowering readers to overcome adversity.

Taking to his Instagram platform with its 1.8 million strong following, Nick has issued a rallying cry for support. He highlights an incentive program for donations, offering his $80 masterclass absolutely free for any contribution above $25.

“If you get behind me in making a massive difference in the world through my next book,” Nick states in his passionate plea, “any donation that is not tax deductible above $25 you’ll get my $80 master class absolutely free.”

He emphasizes the potential impact of collective action, stating, “If you help me with the Gift The World project, I’ll give you tools to build up your courage and resiliency that will help you overcome your adversity today!”

Nick’s call to action directs supporters to his website,, where they can contribute to the campaign. Here, the power of a united front is further emphasized. “Out of 1.8 million fans on this account,” Nick points out, “if 40,000 of us give $25, we have achieved our goal!”

This project transcends mere fundraising. It presents an opportunity for people to become active participants in spreading hope and empowering others. Nick’s initiative invites his fans, and anyone touched by his message, to become “a blessing of hope to people all around the world.”

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