Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday Live Service October 10 2021

This is the Sunday Live Service for October 10 2021 with Pastor Alph Lukau at Alleluia Ministries International and it is a Sunday service that will be filled with praise, worship and a mind blowing sermon. The senior pastor and founder of Alleluia Ministries International in the person of Alph Lukau has changed the lives of many people in South Africa and beyond through his teachings and lifestyle.

Praying for everyone on Instagram, Alph Lukau once wrote:

“BIG GOD BIG THINGS. May God remember you. May His word in your life come to pass. You are blessed, you are not cursed. You will live, you will not die before your Time in Jesus’ name. I speak prosperity in your life in Jesus’ name.”

Watch and learn from this “Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday Live Service October 10 2021” as we bring the latest Sunday messages from Churches across the globe to you every Sunday.

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