Pastor Benny Hinn Reflects on Healing 49 Years Ago

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Pastor Benny Hinn Reflects on Healing 49 Years Ago


Pastor Benny Hinn Reflects on Healing 49 Years Ago: Renowned televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn has shared his testimony. Hinn shared a heartfelt account of a life-changing event that occurred 49 years ago. This event shapied the trajectory of his remarkable ministry. Hinn took to Instagram to reminisce about the day he was miraculously healed of his stuttering problem.

It was nearly five decades ago when Pastor Benny Hinn was a young preacher with a passionate calling. However, he had struggled with a stutter. This stutter threatened to overshadow his powerful message. On that fateful day, as he stood before the congregation to share the word of God, an extraordinary transformation took place.

In an emotional recollection, Pastor Hinn recounted the moment wheile sharing his throwback photos as a young preacher.

On December 7, 1974, in Oshawa, Ontario, I was an unimposing 21-year-old with a lifelong stuttering problem when I stepped up to a pulpit to minister for the first time. Who could have possibly known 49 years ago I would be instantly healed from my speaking barrier and would someday preach around the world? Thank you, my dear Jesus, for your love and mercy and to Him belongs all the glory!”. 

Pastor Hinn’s journey from that transformative day has been one of global influence and spiritual impact. His healing not only restored his ability to communicate effectively but also fueled his passion for spreading the message of faith, healing, and salvation to millions around the world.

As the televangelist looks back on this pivotal moment, he continues to inspire believers with his testimony of divine healing. Pastor Benny Hinn’s story serves as a testament to the extraordinary power of faith and the transformative nature of God’s grace.

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