Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Prayer Request – Christ Embassy, Contact

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Prayer Request – Christ Embassy, Contact

A prayer request to Chris Oyakhilome can always be done through his official website or social media pages. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian Christian minister who is the president and founder of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy. He is from Edo state Nigeria and is aged 54 as at the time of publication of this report.

Christ Embassy has since become a global network of churches with congregations in many countries harboring millions of members. The Church’s headquarters in Lagos has over 40, 000 members and organizes several major programs with thousands to millions of people in attendance yearly.

The church’s foundation dates back to 1987 in Lagos. In the year 2017, Christ Embassy celebrated 30 years as a ministry.

You can contact Christ Embassy for prayers or Pastor Chris by using the details below:

Address: 51-53 Kudirat Abiola Way Oregun Ikeja, Lagos P.O. Box 13563 ikeja, Lagos.


Unit C2 Thamesview Business Centre Barlow Way Rainham Essex RM13 8BT
Phone: +44 (0) 1708556604
UK Freephone: 0800 131 0604
Email: [email protected]
Christ Embassy Canada

Address: 600 Clayson Road North York,Toronto M9M 2H2, Canada.
Phone: +1-416-746 5080
Christ Embassy South Africa

Address: 303, Pretoria Avenue,Cnr. Harley and Braam Fischer,Randburg, Gauteng South Africa.CT19 4QJ
Phone: +27 11 3260971, +27 11 3260972
Christ Embassy USA

Address 1: 2616 Texas Dr A, Irving, Texas 75062
Address 2: 8623 Hemlock Hill Drive, Houston Texas 77083
Phone: +1-972-255-1787 +1-281-759-5111, +1-281-7

It should be noted that Pastor Chris who is a father of two children Sharon Oyakhilome and Charlyn Oyakhilome divorced his wife Anita in 2016.

Pastor Chris talking about praying for people once said: “I want to pray along with you.What is your heart desire.what is that request you want God to do for you ?”

Update – There are many fake people online posing as Pastor Chris … stay focused and never let anyone scam you. Thank You.

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22 thoughts on “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Prayer Request – Christ Embassy, Contact”

  1. Dear Man of God Pastor Chris

    You are blessed

    I am always connected to you in a spirit because of your teaching the word my life has changed

    thank you
    Dear Pastor I need your prayer for me and my children for protection in good health , good wealth and safety of jobs for my son Sagar & daughter Geeta
    Dear Pastor stupid dreams of death or family member who are already dead keep seeing them in my dream that they are calling me I do feel feared but I keep meditating on God’s word but I would request you to pray for me to live healthy, wealthy, long life to see my children married and I having grand children enough of struggle I had but now I want be happy with family and having lots of wealth for serving GOD that is my dream without doing this I do not want leave from this planet Thank you Pastor for your kindness I am grateful to you and God for giving me hope in Christ God Bless You

    My Ministry Divine blessing, Extension & Divine protection , God’s open new door.
    Family members spiritual life growth. Divine Unity, Divine peace & Joy.
    Omana, 7 years stroke [Soul, Mind, Body Divine healing & divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Finance problem . [Heart , Brain blood good circulation] [Divine long life & Divine peace ]
    Prasannal , Divine blessing & divine protection , Fire anointing. Divine health.
    Mary Divine blessing, Job promotion, Divine blessing, protection.
    John , Suni, Abija [ REUNION] Divine unity , Music team Divine blessing. Extension.
    Prasadh, Kanakam, Asish, Blessy [ Family divine protection] [ finance problem ] Asish , God’s ministry , Fire anointing . Asish any plan god’s destroy .
    Prasadh job divine blessing, Divine protection . [SENIORITY 36 THIRTY SIX YEARS SERVICE THREE ADVANCE INCRCEMENT, BENEFITS, ALL FACILITIES immediately postal department . [ My sick CARCINOMA TONGUE TUMOR , CANCER, Divine healing divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Divine protection, blessing.
    My family house maintenance , extension & payer room . [ Family house divine protection ] Family property [ VALIYA VILAI, THRUMBU VILAI, KILLI KUTTAM Divine blessing, divine protection ]
    Padanthalumoodu family house Family members 3 THREE days fasting prayer . All the arrangements and financial needs. [ NIGHT PRAYER ] Divine blessing & divine protection .
    Family members Divine love, divine unity , divine blessing , protection.
    Please urgent your prayer , prayer support’s .

  3. Prayer request:

    Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom chance success healty healing blessings, compasion life mercy of Jesus, grace of God, protection againts thieves, protection againts persécutions, must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name.

  4. Thank you Pastor for praying for me last time in March or April 2019 when I requested
    prayer for Divine healing I felt the bulginess that was in my armpit diminishing had feeling of healing touch.God Bless you Pastor.
    Presently I would like to give offering for Bullet seed my challenge is that I have a validator machine that was sent to Durban for software installation.Software have been installed by my leader who is a Pastor at Assemblies of God but is hesitant to send back my machine.Prayer request to Lambano my machine in Jesus Name

  5. hank you for your site.
    pray that I can get out of these curses.
    * tie seated, so that I can get up to work.
    * catch up with 30 years behind in my life, that I can be restored.
    * leave psychatria this month.
    * the fruit of my work is someone who eats it for me, pray that I can be delivered that I can eat the fruit of my work.
    * exit urgently.
    * get out of rubbish.
    get out of donkey’s mind.
    * have the word of wisdom.
    * have the word of knowledge
    * become rich and enriched and become very rich, flourish, be prosperous, lend to the nations.

  6. Nothing is good like serving God in truth and spirit. A lot of servants of God have failed but its God to maintain no matter what. That is a credit to MOG Chris.

  7. Pastor Chris, Could I please request you to pray for my healing from stroke and for restoration of my eyesight which were damaged because of Stroke. Thankyou Pastor Chris
    – Brampton – Canada

  8. Hi pastor sir i have trouble with my ears and i have prayed about it and i know the lord has perfect timing please pray for me

  9. Pastor Chris, please pray for my healing from stroke and loss of eyesight in both eyes.I am suffering since last 2 years.please pray for the healing of my brain and healing of both my eyes.Thank you pastor Chris.

  10. Please pray for me I’m a South Sudanese refugee in Uganda I’m 18 yrs of age and zealous of the word of God… Please pray for me I’m really in need of your prayers please brethren… Also pray for All The Refugees in the settlements in Uganda and our nation..

  11. Hello money Victoria I am calling for prayer for my brother Gabriel I am Victoria there’s no peas in the house since he came back from Africa for years why is there’s no peace between his wife’s he came back from African I’m not going to have myself I have my oldest brother Gabriel since he came back from Africa there’s no peace and how does she Asian wife and I’m calling for prayer hello


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