Pastor Dead as Dunamis Church in Nigeria Collapses

Pastor Dead as Dunamis Church in Nigeria Collapses: A Dunamis church located at Mission Ward North Bank in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria has collapsed, killing one pastor and leaving other victims injured.

The church building of popular Nigeria pastor Paul Enenche collapsed early Tuesday morning. The exact cause of the building collapse is yet to be revealed.

Punch, a Nigeria official News Channel quoted a source as saying that four individuals, including the pastor, were engaged in prayers within the church building prior to the occurrence of the incident. The other four individuals escaped the wreckage, but the pastor was pronounced dead at the scene.

He said, “As soon as we heard the collapse of the building, we rushed to the place in an attempt to rescue them. It took some minutes before we could rescue the victims.

“Meanwhile, four people were injured and one person we later understand to be the pastor was found dead,”  the eyewitness who identified himself as Nath told Punch correspondent.

Residential structures nearby as well as the electrical infrastructure have suffered damage as a result of the church building’s collapse.

Residents say rescue operations have commenced as police operatives from the ‘C’ Division, North Bank, were already on the ground while emergency officials were on their way to the scene of the collapsed building.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Bartholomew Onyeka, confirmed the incident to Punch journalists on Tuesday.

He said, “Something like that happened, just one person died in the process.

“You know when debris falls on people like that, the immediate reaction is what happens to the victims. So, people who rushed there were able to rescue four people; unfortunately, one person died. The injured persons are responding to treatment in a hospital where they were taken to,” he said.

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