Pastor Enoch Adeboye Prayer Request – RCCG

Pastor Enoch Adeboye Prayer Request – RCCG

Pastor Adeboye is a Nigerian pastor who has many congregants. He was born in Osun state. As of 2018, he is aged 76.

He is a key pastor and the leader of redeemed Christian church of God. A recent regulation in Nigeria by the financial regulations council affecting all registered churches, mosques and Civil Society Organizations was put in place, placing a twenty-year cap on the leadership tenure of these organizations. Consequently, on January 7, 2017 Pastor Adeboye stepped down as the leader of RCCG.

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If you want to request for prayers from Adeboye, you can do that via his official Facebook page. This is because there are many fake people parading online as Adeboye.

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5 thoughts on “Pastor Enoch Adeboye Prayer Request – RCCG”

  1. Dear pastor / Beloved


    My heart bleeds with pain for my son 18 years old born again christian by the name of EBILA LEVY ENOCH DESIR who left the house and decided to leave far from me for no reason for the past 2 weeks no phone calls no signs nothing
    I don’t know where he is right now
    His no more going to school anymore
    He says his big enough to take care of himself. Since he was born I never left him alone not even once and is the only child
    Whats the Bible tells me in the book of proverbes 22-6 I have been doing that
    He knows the world of God from Genesis to Apocalypse but things just turned around in 1 sec I don’t understand
    I’m sure this is the work of the enemy
    But we serve the living God who never fails I know He will deliver him from that captivity like in Daniel 3-29 and show forth His glory
    I’m very sad and seek of this issue but I cannot forget what He says in 2Chronicles 7-14
    Please servant of God I want to testify God on your behalf let’s join our faiths together to cry unto the Lord to find him where he is right now and turn this captivity into a testimony In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
    May the Almighty God strengthen us
    Sis Emily

  2. Please pray for my marriage my wife samantha and i broke up 2yrs ago i am trusting god to restore my family and save my wife thank you in advance

  3. I was bothered when I saw the news about the fake anti rabies vaccines for humans and animals in the Philippines. As a veterinary student who joins vet missions, weve beem assigned to go to different places to vaccinate animals (house to house), but before that, weve received pre exposure vaccines prior to our immersion. Day after our last shot pre exposure of the vaccine, I was bitten by a stray dog. I went to a hospital and asked if there’s still a need for another vaccination (since I’ve been bitten by a dog, and I don’t think the dog was vaccinated). They told me that I dont it wouldn’t be necessary since I just finished my pre exposure regimen for anti rabies. I feel worried about myself (if I received the fake vaccine) and/or if we had vaccinated fake ones to the dogs we handled. My prayer request would be… a peace of mind in Jesus’ Name, and that God will always protect me against the works of the enemy! And that God won’t let rabies spread in our country and all over the earth, in Jesus’ mighty Name!

  4. Dear Bro,
    Kindly pray for my children spiritual life and job and family peace and to get good job to my sons and god fearing daughters for marriage.I am waiting for god’s reply.


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