Pastor Lovy Elias Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Followers

Pastor Lovy Elias Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Followers

Pastor Lovy Elias Celebrates 1 Million Facebook Followers

Pastor Lovy Elias, leader of the thriving Revelation Church of Jesus Christ (RCJC) in Los Angeles, has achieved a social media milestone, reaching a staggering 1 million followers on Facebook.

The news came through a celebratory social media post thanking his online congregation, “Revelation Nation.” The post reads, “1 Million Followers of The Lord Jesus Christ on Facebook. Thank you Revelation Nation, May The King of Glory be glorified continually on this platform.”

This achievement adds to Pastor Elias’s already impressive online presence. He boasts a staggering 1.5 million followers on the short-form video platform TikTok. He also has a following of 414,000 on YouTube and Instagram respectively. These numbers solidify his position as a leading digital voice in the religious sphere.

Founded in 2017, RCJC has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in Pastor Elias’s living room. Today, the church attracts a diverse and dedicated congregation exceeding a thousand members in its physical location in Los Angeles. However, the burgeoning online presence suggests a global reach that transcends geographical boundaries.

His social media strategy appears well-rounded. Engaging a younger audience on TikTok, offering in-depth sermons on YouTube, and fostering a community feel on Facebook demonstrates a thoughtful approach to online ministry.

Some credit for Pastor Elias’ success goes to his mentor, the renowned Zimbabwean pastor Uebert Angel. Pastor Angel’s Spirit Embassy church, now a global phenomenon, is considered one of the most popular churches in Africa.

This milestone coincides with the rising popularity of online worship. Busy schedules and the ever-increasing accessibility of the internet make social media platforms a convenient way for people to connect with their faith.

Pastor Lovy Elias’ story exemplifies the potential for churches to expand their reach and build communities beyond geographical limitations.


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