Pastor Michael Todd Gets Dramatic Haircut During Sunday Sermon

Pastor Michael Todd Gets Dramatic Haircut During Sunday Sermon
Pastor Michael Todd Gets Dramatic Haircut During Sunday Sermon

Pastor Michael Todd Gets Dramatic Haircut During Sunday Sermon

Transformation Church pastor Michael Todd took an unconventional approach to his sermon this past Sunday. In a bid to illustrate the concept of submitting to God’s will, Todd had a barber give him a haircut and shave right on stage.

The sermon, titled “Fresh Cut: You’re Getting Cut Either Way // Fresh Fruit (Part 4),” available on YouTube, focused on the idea that God sometimes needs to “cut away” aspects of our lives to allow for growth and spiritual development.

The dramatic act, however, is aimed to illustrate to his congregation how submitting to God’s shaping, even when it feels uncomfortable, can lead to positive growth and “bearing godly fruit” in their lives.

In the thought-provoking sermon, Pastor Mike explored the concept of spiritual growth through a metaphor of “God’s cutting process.” Referencing scripture from Matthew 7:18-20 and John 15:1-3, he explained how God sometimes removes things from our lives, even if it feels difficult, to allow for greater development.

Pastor Mike likened this process to pruning a plant. Just as a gardener cuts away dead or unproductive branches to encourage new growth, God may remove things that are hindering our spiritual progress. This “cutting” can take various forms, such as overcoming challenges, letting go of unhealthy habits, or facing personal limitations.

The message made clear that even though there may be discomfort involved in this procedure, in the end, it is beneficial. We enable ourselves to be molded into the individuals God wants us to be by submitting to his will and believing in his purpose. In the end, this “cutting” results in a more “fruitful” existence with a deeper spiritual maturity and sense of purpose.

“I need to say this to you, like ‘just come to God and all your fears and all your tears, and He bottles them,” Todd said while having his hair cut. And He’s going to coddle them. And we make you feel like when you come to God, then somehow it gets easy. … I just want to let you know that our desire for comfort has made us despise His cut.”

“But if you desire comfort at the expense of desiring the cut, not from anybody, just regular, I’m talking about from God, you will miss out on what God has for you.”

“You want … comfort in your finances … cut the budget. Everybody wants comfort, nobody wants cutting, but the cut … gives you the edge. And this haircut by the end of this service, by the faith and crazy faith of God, will be sharp because what He’s doing to me right now; He’s cutting me,” he said, referring to his barber.”

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