Pastor Mike Todd Ventures Into Music

Mike Todd ventures into music
Mike Todd ventures into music

Transformation Church pastor Mike Todd Ventures Into Music Industry

Transformation Church pastor Mike Todd is taking his ministry in a bold new direction, venturing into the music industry with his group, Transformation Worship.

The exciting move, announced on his Instagram page, highlights his faith and commitment to a divinely inspired vision. In his announcement, Todd shares his belief that the vision for Transformation Worship transcends his plans and originates from God.

“The vision God has given me…is vast and honestly a little scary, but that’s how I know it’s not mine. It’s his,” the post reads.

Pastor Todd also emphasizes the importance of finding the right collaborators, stating, “Don’t ever settle for partners that can’t see the vision. God will always bring the right ones.”

He further expressed his excitement about partnering with Rethink, a distribution label backed by Capitol CMG.

The news, however, has generated a wave of excitement among fans and parishioners alike. The comment section of Todd’s announcement is filled with messages of support and anticipation. One user wrote, “Prophecy fulfilled! ‘And your music will be heard around the world!’ 2008 Bishop MSF,” referencing a past prediction.

Another fan commented, “I love it you allowed him to put your gift on the shelf in one season to be resurrected in another season, for something way much bigger than what you could even imagine. Thank PM for being a pastor who leads by example in every arena.” An eager fan echoed the sentiment, stating, “I can’t freaking wait for this album.”

With a purpose fueled by faith, a supportive team, and a powerful distribution partner, Pastor Mike Todd and Transformation Worship are poised to impact the music world significantly.

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