Pastor Rick Warren: Making The Hard Changes In Me

Today we present you a message from Pastor Rick Warren which is titled “Making The Hard Changes In Me”. In this message Pastor Rick tell us that a life reset requires change. Identifying the areas in our life that need to change is one thing, but actually changing them is another.

The message is looking at the Biblical principles for personal change. These are the principles that you need to know to change any area of your life for the better.

Making the hard changes in our life is about the areas of your life and your personality that seem resistant to all efforts of change. They are persistent problems in your life that you have probably had for years. It is also the parts of your life that you do not really like about you, and they rebel and resist every time you try to change.

There were two important questions that were considered in this sermon;

  1.  Why is it hard to change some stubborn areas of our life? The habits, patterns, ways of relating to people, habitual weakness etc.
  2. What does God say it takes to change them?

Pastor Rick went on to give us four reasons why it is difficult to change those stubborn areas of our life

  • It is because I have had them for so long: Most of the patterns we see in our life today were established in our childhood. We did not develop them overnight. Some were formed to help cope with trauma, some are survival tactics while some are self-defeating.  These patterns do not work anymore but the reason we still have them is because they are familiar to us.
  • Because I identify with them: The fact is that we confuse our identities with our defects all the time. Our defects are not our true identity. They hide under our true identity.
  • We still have the pattern because they have a payoff: Everything we do in our life, whether good or bad has a pay off. It may be emotional or relational. You always get rewarded  for a bad habit in some way. Everything that gets rewarded gets repeated.
  • Because Satan discourages me: If there is anything that the devil wants, it is to keep you in a rut. He wants to keep you down from becoming the person God has made you to be. The way he does it is through self doubt, criticisms and accusations.

Pastor Rick went on to teach that all change starts with choosing and it starts in your mind. Also, he pointed out four biblical principles that we should know if we want to make any changes in our life.

1. Change requires learning and facing the truth

2. Lasting change requires new thinking

3. Lasting change requires community and coaching

4. For a Lasting change, you need the Holy Spirit.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Rick Warren: Making The Hard Changes In Me” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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