Pastor Robert Morris Celebrates his Father’s Birthday

Pastor Robert Morris Celebrates his Father's Birthday
Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris Celebrates His Father’s Birthday

Pastor Robert Morris, a renowned author and founder of Gateway Church, has taken to social media to celebrate his father’s birthday with a heartfelt message of love and gratitude.

In a touching Wednesday Instagram post, Morris expressed his deep appreciation for his father’s unwavering support throughout his life. He enumerated the several ways his father, Jearl Morris, has influenced his life, from instilling in him strong moral principles to encouraging him to pursue his dreams with unwavering determination. He acknowledged the profound influence his father has had on his faith journey, guiding him toward a deeper understanding of God’s love and grace.

“Today is my dad’s birthday! He’s an incredible father, grandfather, friend, leader, and man of God,” Morris wrote. “His love, support, and wisdom have shaped me into the person I am today. Dad, I’m so grateful for your influence in my life, and I love you very much. Happy Birthday,” he added.

Morris’s message resonated deeply with his Instagram followers, prompting a wave of support and well wishes for his father.

Pastor Robert Morris and his two sisters were raised in Marshall, Texas, by their parents, Jearl and Hannah Morris. Even though Jearl was a successful businessman, Roberts lovingly described him as a “pastor at heart” in a 2018 Facebook post. He observed that his father mentors his employees, friends, and family.

“God called my dad into business, but he is a pastor at heart. I watched him pastor his employees, friends, and family for many, many years. Thank you, Dad, for showing me the way,” Robert remarked on the  Facebook statement celebrating his father’s birthday.


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