Pastor Tauren Wells Praises Impact of ARC Conference

Pastor Tauren Wells Praises Impact of ARC Conference

Pastor Tauren Wells Praises Impact of ARC Conference

Revitalized and inspired, Pastor Tauren Wells from the Church of Whitestone has taken to social media this week to share his experience at the recent ARC Conference, praising the event’s impact on his leadership and  the church community.

“Unreal couple days at @arcchurches #arcconference2024 with our team!” he wrote in a glowing post. The sentiment reflects the energy many pastors felt at the conference, a gathering aimed at fostering connection and growth within the Association of Related Churches (ARC).

Beyond the personal experience, Pastor Wells highlighted the importance of teamwork in ministry. Referencing a quote by Dharius Daniels, a speaker at the conference, he shared, “‘We don’t go as far as our dream, we go as far as our team.’ If that’s the case, I can’t even imagine how far we’ll go for the glory of God!” This resonated with the pastor, emphasizing the value of the team at his church.

His message went beyond personal growth, showcasing his deep appreciation for the ARC community. He expressed sincere thanks to the ARC founders, lead team, and strategic partners, acknowledging the welcoming and supportive environment they’ve created. He even called it a “Godsend,” highlighting the importance of such a connection for pastors and church leaders.

“Sincerely grateful for the ARC Founders, Lead Team, and strategic partners they’ve assembled!” he wrote. “They have made room for us in this community and it’s been a Godsend.”

He specifically thanked individuals who helped connect him to the ARC network, including Dino Rizzo and Marc Cleary. He also expressed appreciation for the ongoing support from the Church of the Highlands, a prominent member of the ARC.

The overall tone of the post is infectious. Pastor Wells clearly left the conference feeling rejuvenated and motivated. His closing lines spoke volumes: “Going home on level and CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHITESTONE this Sunday!! We are a CHURCH ON FIRE!!” This enthusiasm suggests not only the impact the conference had on him but also the potential for exciting developments within his church community.


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