Pope Francis Invites Everyone to Carry a Little Book of the Gospel and Read it Daily

The Roman Catholic head, Pope Francis has invited everyone to carry a little book of the gospel and read a little bit each day.

The Pontiff made the remarks on Monday to a group of Italian women who have cut ties with their families involved in organized crime and joined “Libera,” a network against the mafia.

The women were accompanied by Father Luigi Ciotti, an Italian priest who founded the Libbera” association in 1995. Libera seeks to use the assets seized from the mafia to set up anti-drug projects and community centers. It also provides employment for those sidelined by organized crime.

In his address, he urged the women to persevere in their life choices with courage, knowing that the Lord Jesus walked alongside them.

“I invite you to keep with you always a little book of the gospels. Every day, read a passage slowly. Imagine yourself being with the Lord in the midst of his disciples. In reality, this is exactly true. He walks with us every day along the streets of life. His cross gives meaning to our crosses, and his resurrection is our source of hope. It is important to carry that little book of the gospel. Read it a little bit each day. It will do you good,” Pope Francis said in a video shared on Instagram by Vatican News.

The Holy Father conclusively expressed gratitude to the women for their visit and assured them of his continuous prayers for them and their loved ones.

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