Power Of Resurrection

Power of Resurrection

Power of Resurrection

Power of Resurrection: The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ has done a lot of great things in our lives as Christians. The resurrection of Jesus Christ symbolized so many things, like

  • victory over death,
  • Sin doesn’t have control over us.
  • We live under grace, not law.
  • We are now saved from external destruction.
  • Whatever we ask for in the name of Jesus is given to us.
  • The Holy Spirit was gifted to us.

Our relationship with God was restored through the blood of Jesus. We have to know that, through the blood of Jesus, we are now adopted by God.

Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday, and he died for our own sins on the cross. On the third day, he rose from death, which symbolized God’s victory over death.

Jesus is the Son of God who was sent on earth to lead us to God because he wants us to make heaven. God created us humans in his image and after his likeness.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, the relationship between God and humans was destroyed. God has tried so many ways to bring us back to him, but none of them has worked effectively like he wants, so this made him send Jesus.

Jesus Christ came to teach us a lot of things that will help us to make the kingdom of God and to restore our relationship with him.

The mission of Jesus Christ

Power of Resurrection pt2

When Jesus started his ministry, many people misunderstood him, which made them hate him. Despite the hatred, he kept on doing the work that his father sent him to do.

Some people believed that Jesus was trying to destroy the commandments of God. He got more hatred when he called himself the son of God and said that he was the same as God.

The mission of our Lord Jesus was to bring us back to God and to teach us everything that is important. He taught us about love, forgiveness, and living in peace with one another.

  • Love: When we love God and the people around us, that will help us to keep all the 10 commandments.
  • Forgiveness: If we learn how to forgive everyone, God will forgive us, which will help us to be better Christians.
  • Living in peace: As Christians, living in peace should be one of our attributes because Jesus is the prince of peace. 

Everything that our Lord Jesus was teaching us is everything that will help us get closer to God so that we can make heaven.

God has designed heaven for us to spend the rest of our lives there and to live in his glory. As Christians, let us do our best every day to make God proud through our behaviors and characters.

Jesus Christ was hated by so many people, despite the great miracles he was doing in the lives of many.

Miracles Of Jesus

  • He heals many sick people.
  • He feeds the hungry.
  • He loves unconditionally.
  • He brought some people back to life.
  • He casts out demons.

The Pharisees were unhappy with the teaching of Jesus Christ, so they made plans on how to crucify him. They got more angry. Why should Jesus heal someone on a Sabbath day?

Some people believed in Jesus Christ with all their hearts and souls. When it was time for them to crucify our Lord Jesus, they did not waste any time.

The Pharisees paid one of Jesus Christ’s disciples to betray him, whose name was Judas Iscariot. When they succeeded in crucifying Jesus, they thought that they had won, but that was the plan of God.

The resurrection power

Power of Resurrection pt3

When Jesus Christ was crucified, the pharisees and the devil thought it was over, but God resurrected him on the third day. We, as Christians, are now enjoying the power of the resurrection.

The name of Jesus became more powerful than every other name. With the mention of the name Jesus Christ, every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is the Lord.

Jesus Christ also gave us the Holy Spirit when he was leaving the earth so that he could prepare a better place for us in heaven. He promised us that he would come back one day and take us all with him.

So our goal is to behave right and learn everything that he has taught us so that we can follow him back. Death has no power over us anymore, and we now live in his grace.

Whatever we ask for in his name is given to us because we are the children of the most high God.

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