Prayer For Healing A Blocked or Clogged Ear

Prayer For Healing A Blocked or Clogged Ear

A blocked or clogged ear can never be the end of the world though it makes you feel very uncomfortable. I have witnessed this before.

Symptoms of a clogged or blocked ear include reduced hearing capacity, a popping sensation in your ear, a windy sound inside the ear, and a feeling of having mucus or liquid within the ear.

Things are meant to happen to you because it shows that you are alive and existing. Do not cry over that blocked or clogged ear. Take it to God through prayer because just as we have Doctors and Nurses here on Earth, there are Doctors and nurses in Heaven. Just as there are spare parts of vehicles and other gadgets, there are spare human parts in Heaven. All you need is to believe and you will see miracles happening in your life.

Say this Prayer For Healing A Blocked Or Clogged Ear below

“Dear God, the wonderful Creator, thank you for giving me a body that works in all sorts of amazing ways. This blocked or clogged ear I’m dealing with now makes me painfully aware that I’m not able to physically do everything you’ve designed my body to do. I confess that I’ve gotten discouraged by the loss of function I’ve suffered, and by the pain. I need your encouragement to help me get through however long I must deal with this injury. Please send me a fresh dose of encouragement through your messengers, the angels, whenever I need it. Ask Raphael, your leading angel of healing, to intervene in my case.

Please send me the miracle of your healing touch. I believe that you will respond to my prayer in whatever way is ultimately best. I understand that while you may indeed choose to heal me physically in some way likely through my medical care, but perhaps even supernaturally you may choose only to heal my soul rather than my body. I welcome your healing work, however, it comes into my life. Thank you for your great power and your loving compassion for me! Amen.”

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