Prophet Shephard Bushiri: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Prophet Shephard Bushiri: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a Malawian preacher, prophet, businessman, motivational speaker, and author.


Bushiri was born and grew up in Mzuzu, which is in the northern part of Malawi and is a Tumbuka. His mother gave him the name Shepherd due to the complexities around his birth, acknowledging the Lord as her Shepherd.

in February 2019, there were controversies surrounding his name. It was alleged that Bushiri was born as Chipiliro Gama”. It was reported that an invoice mistakenly sent to Baloyi Attorneys did not use the popular name Shepherd Bushiri, and instead called him Chipiliro Gama”. Also, it was alleged that  “Bushiri’s father, Huxley, and mother, Cristina, a Zambian by birth raised him as Chipiliro Gama”.

Bushiri is a spiritual son of multimillionaire businessman and leader of Spirit Embassy, Prophet Uebert Angel. He has always been in the center of a lot of controversies ranging from his ability to cure HIV/AIDS, fraud, rape and assault, paternity, investment schemes etc.He was finally arrested in February 2019 alongside his wife for investigation. There cases are still ongoing in court.

Family Life

He is married to Mary Bushiri, who is active in charity work. The couple have two daughters together. On 29 March 2021, Bushiri lost his first daughter Israella in Kenya after a lengthy respiratory illness. He had stated that as a father it was his desire to see her grow and serve the Lord.

Prophet Shephard Bushiri: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth
Prophet Bushiri and Wife, Mary Bushiri


Prophet Bushiri is a pastor who gained popularity after releasing a video that showed him walking in the air. He runs a Christian non-denominational charismatic evangelical church known as the Enlightened Christian Gathering based in South Africa. The church has headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, with branches in other African countries and around the world.

Bushiri also runs an investment company called Shepherd Bushiri Investments. The Company has been implicated in several charges of fraud, and money laundering and several of its assets have been seized by police after a ponzi scheme it ran collapsed and pensioners were defrauded. The company is based in Sandton, near Johannesburg, 27+ mines, with interests in forex trading, real estate and in the airline industry.

He also owns a television channel, a telecommunications company, various farms, properties, sports academies and universities. Bushiri ventured into business as a young man to support his community and the work of the gospel globally.

He travels around the world holding crusades and meetings focused on teaching, prophesy and healing. Also, has converted many people positively through his teachings and the pastor alongside his wife has also made donations to many “Charity” purposes. As the senior pastor of ECG, the prophet is looked up to by many as a role model. However, the ECG was closed down in Botswana in December 2017 for contravention of financial regulations.

Net Worth

Prophet Bushiri is estimated to have a net worth of about

Social Media

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s official website is 

You can also follow him on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @shephardbushiri

Facebook: Shepherd Bushiri Foundation

YouTube: Prophet Shephard Bushiri

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