Prophet Uebert Angel Announces Move To Nigeria For Prayers

Prophet Uebert Angel Announces Move To Nigeria For Prayers
Prophet Uebert Angel Open Letter


Prophet Uebert Angel Announces Move To Nigeria For Prayers: In a surprising turn of events, renowned prophet and spiritual leader Uebert Angel has announced his move to Nigeria to join forces with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in a fervent prayer campaign believed to be linked to imminent rapture concerns.

The announcement came yesterday, when the Prophet shared on his Instagram post a letter. The letter was addressed to the public asking people to mend their ways because rapture is imminent. He announced that he was moving to Nigeria with his wife, Bebe, and a team of spiritual leader.

Prophet Uebert Angel, known for his prophetic insights and global ministry, has a significant following that spans across continents. His decision to relocate temporarily to Nigeria is seen as a symbolic gesture of unity and solidarity with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated (Christ Embassy).

The open letter indicated that the urgency of the prayer campaign is linked to their shared belief in the imminent rapture—a concept central to Christian eschatology. Rapture, as per Christian teachings, refers to the belief that believers will be caught up in the air to meet Christ before a period of tribulation on Earth.

While the specific details of their prayer campaign remain undisclosed, it is expected to be a momentous gathering that will bring together followers of both spiritual leaders. The choice of Nigeria as the location for this joint endeavor has added significance, given the country’s status as a hub for Christianity in Africa.

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