Reasons Why Christians Should not Cohabitate- Vladimir Savchuk

Reasons Why Christians Should not Cohabitate- Vladimir Savchuk

The notion of cohabitation, where two or more individuals share a residence without being married, has seen a remarkable rise in popularity, particularly in Western societies. This surge reflects a gradual shift in social norms and attitudes surrounding relationships, marriage, and the very definition of family structure.

However, cohabitation remains a complex concept with diverse interpretations and consequences depending on the context. While some embrace it as morally acceptable, others hold contrasting beliefs. One such perspective comes from Hungregen senior pastor, Vladimir Savchuk, who took to social media to explain why Christians should consider refraining from cohabitation.

At the heart of his reasons lies the belief that intimacy outside of marriage, including nudity, is against Christian principles. He cites Genesis 2:24-25, highlighting how nakedness was presented not as shame, but as a shared experience exclusive to husband and wife. This translates to the view that intimacy, physical or emotional, should be reserved for married couples.

Furthermore, Vladimir emphasizes the concept of fornication. He draws reference to 1 Corinthians 7:2, suggesting that sexual expression should be confined to the marital bond to avoid succumbing to temptations. In his interpretation, cohabitation poses a risk of engaging in activities reserved for marriage, thereby constituting a sin.

Another point made is the distinct separation between cohabitation and marriage. He references John 4:17-18, where the Samaritan woman acknowledges her lack of a husband. From this, Vladimir interprets that living together without formal marriage does not equate to the sacred union itself.

He also ventures into the potential negative impacts of cohabitation on future marriages. Some research, according to him, suggests it can hinder future marital happiness. Additionally, he mentions the notion of generational curses, citing Dr. Bob Larson’s perspective that cohabitating couples inherit a mix of negativity that can affect their future.

Finally, Vladimir expresses concerns about gender imbalances. He argues that marriage provides a security net, both financially and emotionally, particularly for women. He suggests that while men gain stability, women benefit from security in finances and physical appearance due to the commitments inherent in marriage.


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