Revelation Night with Lovy Elias Kicks Off Tonight

Revelation Night with Lovy Elias Kicks Off Tonight
Revelation Night with Lovy Elias Kicks Off Tonight

After a long time of planning and preparation, Revelation Nation (RVLTN) London nights will finally kick off tonight.

The event hosted by Revelation Church Los Angeles, led by Prophet Lovy Elias, will occur tonight at Evolution London. The event features worship, healing, deliverance, and prophetic declarations. RVLTN is expected to draw thousands of people from all over the UK and beyond.

In preparation for the long-awaited night, Prophet Lovy announced in an Instagram post that his “Wife magyptian soal & the entire team are in prayer” for the participants of the event”. Shortly after the announcement was another, where he wrote: “Revelation Nation, we are ready for you”

In the lead-up to Revelation Nation Night, Revelation Church held 23 days of testimonies. The program, where church members shared testimonies of how God has transformed their lives, seeks to celebrate God’s faithfulness and prepare the church members for the Revalation Night. The testimonies were shared on social media, on the church’s website, and at church services.

“Revelation Nation, we will be posting a new testimony every day leading up to RVLTN nights in London!
We want you to know the God of Revelation Church and see what He has been doing in this house through these powerful testimonies.” Lovy announced in an October 4 Instagram post

“Share this and turn your post notifications on to be amongst the first to witness each of these testimonies!” he added.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Prophet Lovy Elias encountered God at a young age. Lovy, whose spiritual mentorship is linked to Good News Church founder Uebert Angel, received spiritual training and divine insight into the word of God over the years.

He was planted as a pastor in Los Angeles In 2007. In 2013, Lovy began the now-Revelation Church of Jesus Christ in a living room, according to a statement posted to his website. The church, however, has grown  to thousands of active member


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