Rick Warren Condemns SBC’s Amicus Brief

Rick Warren condemns SBC’s Amicus Brief: Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren has condemned the Southern Baptist Convention( SBC) Executive Committee and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) president Albert Mohler for their recent amicus brief against sexual abuse victims.

In a statement, Warren, who was dismissed from SBC over his appointment of a female pastor, which is contrary to SBC’s rule, alleged that SBC and SBTS have no intention of helping sexually abused victims. The claim, according to Warren, is evidenced in the group’s recent “legal maneuver”. He further argues that SBC is more concerned about its own interests than the safety and well-being of its members.

“The recent legal maneuver by SBC Exec Committee and Mohler’s school proves they have no intention of helping victims of the sexual abuse they covered up,” Warren said in a Sunday statement shared with X, formerly known as Twitter.

“They’re far more concerned about what it might cost them,” he added.

Warren’s statement comes after the Wednesday report that the SBC Executive Committee filed an amicus brief in a Kentucky Supreme Court case involving a sexual abuse survivor who is suing Louisville Metro and a Louisville police officer for molesting a child over a period of years.

The brief argues that a Kentucky law that changed the statute of limitations for making civil claims over abuse and allowing survivors to sue third parties should not be applied retroactively.

SBC has come under criticism following the release of the news from the Louisville paper. Many SBC members have condemned the amicus brief. A joint statement from SBC sexual abuse survivors called the filing a “drastic stance” and further characterized it as “to absolutely stab survivors in the back.”

Speaking about the brief, Albert Mohler said: “As is often the case in questions of law, significant constitutional and legal questions arise and require arguments to be made before the court.”

“In such cases, we must refer all questions to legal counsel. We respect the rule of law and must work through the process with legal representation, who must speak for us in this case,” he added.


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