Salvation Ministries – David Ibiyeomie Prayer Request, Contact

Salvation Ministries – David Ibiyeomie Prayer Request, Contact

The anointing oil is a divine instrument of power that move God’s hand supernaturally in the affiars of men.
The personality of the Holy Spirit is communicated through the anointing oil – 1 Samuel 16:13. Anointing is a medium of transmitting the power of the Holy Spirit. The anointing has the power to destroy curses – Numbers 23:8.

What the Anointing does:
1. It brings comfort.
2. It enthrones you.
3. It announces you.
4. It makes captains out of captives – 1 Samuel 10:1.
5. It brings supernatural recovery – 1 Samuel 10:2.
6. It brings progress – 1 Samuel 10:3.
7. It brings lifting.
8. It brings honour – 1 Samuel 10:4.
9. It brings healing – James 5:14-15, Matthew 3:12.
10. It judges and execute vengeance over your enemies – John 16:8.
11. It gives eternal life – John 10:28.

The anointing oil only works for those who are truly born-again. To be born again, kindly say the prayer displayed below in faith and follow the information below to reach Salvation Ministries.


Life is a function of favour – Psalm 5:12. Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot enjoy divine favour – Psalm 44:3.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of judgement and vengeance – John 16:11, Psalm 89:20-24, 92:10-11. Without Him, you cannot enjoy your inheritance in Christ – Isaiah 61:1-2,7.

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Ask and it shall be given unto you … Always remember this for God. Our God never fails …

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14 thoughts on “Salvation Ministries – David Ibiyeomie Prayer Request, Contact”

  1. Praise the Lord.
    Dear prayer team, my father Rev. Dr. Nalla Thomas is senior pastor of Baptist Church in Hyderabad. Kindly pray for my father who is suffering from ILD (Interstitial lung disease) and Parkinson. He cannot walk by himself and to be carried on a wheelchair, he is bedridden for four years. Please pray for my Father’s physical healing so that he would walk again and preach the word of God and stand on pulpit and to celebrate Christmas and happy new year 2019.
    With Thanks and gratitude
    Moses Nalla

  2. I am so greatfull to salvation ministries to receive my prayer request. God blessings upon urll all. Thanks.

  3. Am a member of salvation ministries, my mum is seriously sick with an unknown aliment that has defiled all medical approach.

  4. Iam a student but l don’t always understand what lecturers teaches, l pray for God intervention towards my brain, l need knowledge, understanding and wisdom, Amen.

  5. I run a POS business with a friend of mine, she did electricity transaction for a man, the man claimed the meter point that she did was not complete, that she should refund him the money back, to avoid problem she refunded the money back, that was a lost to our business, my friend started avoiding him by not performing any other transactions for him..days later he sent someone to my friend, that my friend should borrow him money but she he doesn’t know how to get to my friend, instead he called someone telling the person that my friend is still with his #800, that she paid him #6,000 instead of #6,800…where as he was the one that said she should give her the #6000 that is his money…A man of God saw a vision telling my friend that she gave money to someone she shouldn’t have, that the man is using the money to work against her, he said the man used her name she sent the money to his account to work against her…that is to say my friend’s name and the #6,000 and he is still requesting for more money, please I want you to help me pray that all his evil doing will fall back to him…let God replace my friend’s name to his name, let God destroy all his evil doing, he shall not see my friend or our business, Amen… please help me pray…thank you…the name of the man….

  6. As Jesus is, so am I in this World”…1 John 4:17

    (Jehovah Rapha) Mark 11:24 says, ”  Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.You demon of RENAL Toxicity, you get your hands off me  and let me go Free, in the name of Jesus. Amen!

    • My name name is Emmanuel. Since i was 4 inoyiced i was g#y. Please pray that God delivers me from homosexuality. I want to be free


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