Sandra Stanley Celebrates Husband, Andy Stanley’s 60th Birthday

Sandra Stanley Celebrates Husband, Andy Stanley's 60th Birthday

Sandra Stanley Celebrates Husband, Andy Stanley’s 60th Birthday

Sandra Stanley, wife of Andy Stanley, founder of North Point Ministries, and beloved son of the late influential pastor Charles Stanley, has taken to social media today to celebrate her husband’s 60th birthday.

In her heartwarming tribute shared on Instagram, she expresses her deep love and appreciation for her husband, Andy.

“Happy birthday, Andy,” the post begins. “Not a day goes by that I’m not incredibly thankful I get to do life with you.”

The message goes on to paint a picture of a devoted husband and father. It highlights Andy’s unwavering love for his family, his strong moral compass, and his passion for inspiring others in their faith.

“Our family is beyond blessed by your love for each of us, your strength of character, and your commitment to leading people to be forever changed by God’s amazing grace,” the wife writes.

She concludes the post with a playful touch, acknowledging Andy’s age with a hint of humor: “You make 60…something look amazing! I love you!”

The heartfelt message has resonated with many on Instagram, garnering significant attention and sparking conversations about love, gratitude, and the importance of celebrating milestones. Many users shared their own birthday wishes for Andy, while others chimed in with stories of their own cherished partners.

“Happy birthday Andy Stanley! So thankful for you and your beautiful family!!! I hope you did your birthday pull-ups, one user wrote. “Happy birthday to one of the absolute best! Our community is so grateful for how your faithfulness, humility, and passion have impacted not only our culture but also our families. May today be sweet, and may you feel seen and celebrated!” another added.

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