Sarah Jakes Roberts: Getting Back To Your Hunger For Hope

Today we bring you an excerpt from Sarah Jakes Roberts, which is titled “Getting Back to Your Hunger for Hope.” The text is from the book of Romans 5, which talks about the formula for perseverance.

Continuing from her last message, Sarah makes us understand that our lack of hope is not a devil issue but a character issue. You do not think you can do it again because you have not built up the character of showing up in everything you do.

Taking us through the book of Romans, we take a critical look at the formula for hope. The problem that a lot of Christians have with this formula is that we get stuck in perseverance. People have a struggle culture where all they talk about is how they are stuck and persevering.

Sarah goes on to tell us that we have a belief system that tells us that persevering is the award. Therefore, we do not even have to move into character and hope because perseverance is where we build connection and community. However, the truth is that perseverance is supposed to be a phase, but we unfortunately get stuck. Too often, we get stuck in the stage of perseverance and fail to move on to the next two stages: character and hope.But how do we find the hunger that is required to move from persevering to becoming and then actualizing hope in our lives?

This is a message that you will learn a lot from.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, “Getting Back To Your Hunger For Hope” as we bring the latest messages from pastors around the globe to you.

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