Seeking Jesus for deliverance, without Accepting him is not Christianity – Pastor Vlad Savchuk

Pastor Vlad Savchuk, well-known for his deliverance ministry, believes that people should not seek Jesus to be set free from affliction so that they can continue to live self-centered lifestyles. Instead, people must sacrifice their entire lives so that Jesus might permanently break their strongholds.

The minister and his family emigrated to the United States when he was 13 years old after being born in Ukraine into a devout Christian household. At the age of 16, Savchuk began working in youth ministry and is currently the main pastor of the international ministry Hungry Generation Church in Washington state.

Savchuk’s ministry has gained recognition for his teachings on deliverance from demons and strongholds. He was also featured in the film “Come Out in Jesus Name,” released earlier this year.

Although deliverance is what he’s known for on social media and among the self-described “demon slayers” (the deliverance pastor community), he said the Bible is clear that our walks with God are not centered around deliverance.

“We have to renew our mind. The Bible clearly states that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind,” Savchuk said in an in-depth video interview with The Christian Post. “Israel came out of Egypt, but Egypt didn’t come out of them. They had to go through the process of renewing their minds. That’s why they died like slaves, though they were no longer chased by Pharaoh.

“I’ve seen this with people who even get delivered. Deliverance gets the demons out, but renewing the mind is what breaks the strongholds down. You can have a person who is set free, but in their mind, they’re still bound. They don’t have demons; they have strongholds.”

Savchuk, the preacher, highlights the significance of breaking down strongholds among Christians, which are subconscious convictions that can lead to anguish. He believes that many Christians are in pain because of strongholds that must be broken down via Bible study, prayer, and community.

Savchuk also recommends Christians accept living in community with other believers because generational curses are handed down through families.

Despite being saved, many Christians are homeless and lack a spiritual home, such as the church. Being part of a congregation is essential for believers to stay free in Christ.

Savchuk encourages people seeking freedom in God to get free in Jesus Christ and fill their lives with God to replace what plagues them. He believes that Christianity is not about coming to Jesus for personal fulfillment but about surrendering one’s whole life to Jesus.

When people come to Jesus for deliverance, Savchuk asks them to surrender their lives, not just the painful parts, to Jesus Christ. He believes that Jesus is the goal, not just a means to a goal. Deliverance is a means to that goal, and the goal is to have more of oneself that serves, loves, and is available to Him.

Savchuk emphasizes that discipleship and self-denial are essential for experiencing all that Jesus has for oneself.

On September 13, his new book, Host the Holy Ghost, will be launched. On his website, Savchuk provides free access to all of his previous publications and courses on deliverance, deliverance prayers, and discipleship.

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