Shepherd Bushiri Events – Shepherd Bushiri’s Deliverance Sunday


The World Is Not Ours...

Shepherd Bushiri Events

Shepherd Bushiri Events – Shepherd Bushiri’s Deliverance Sunday

Shepherd Bushiri Events

Shepherd Bushiri Events. Deliverance Service : Jehovah Overdo!

Today has been filled with all the amazing things that set our services apart from the run of the mill Sunday Services. Our exciting gathering can truly boast in the Lord. We have seen the face of the Lord. We have been in the throne room, we joined the Prophetic Worshippers and the 24 elders in the inner courts. We danced and praised God the way that only our No-stress family can! Our God is able! We saw our father anoint a faithful son, we heard Onesimus and Swazi belt out a beautiful ballade to the Lord. We celebrated wonderful testimonies and we prayed like warriors.

The power of power of God changed our lives as we prayed with the Prophet . We are completely delivered. Whereever you are from, no matter your background, regardless of your ancestry, if you connect to the anointing here present, deliverance is yours in this arena for free! You need to only believe in the Lord and His Prophets.

The Global Prophetic Tour has our father in the Lord on the go again, join the campaign by joining him to Malawi for a wonderful soul-winning expedition. Sow a seed in the campaign using the details on the authentic Prophetic Channel screen.

Our father in the Lord returns to minister at 2200Hrs CAT tonight on this award-winning Channel, where God is still speaking today. Join millions of sons and daughters who will be connected for the International Visitors’ program LIVE on Prophetic Channel. Keep watching Prophetic Channel to remain protected, I love you and for now, Shalom!

Unopposed Prophetic Decree!

“Where ever you are, I have a good news for you,

I anounce, that everything you have been looking for, has been found.

From today, breakthroughs, jobs and every good thing will look for you.

I declare healing, good moments and prosperity in your life in Jesus name”

No More Delay!

“That delay will nolonger be there in your life. I command every delay to come out in the name of Jesus.

Lack of jobs, employment and anything placing you at a disadvantaged end will nolonger be there.

Receive your job!

Anti-promotion will nolonger be there, receive your promotion.

If your are looking for a baby or your family member is suffering from barreness, hear this good news and receive your portion of fruitfulness.

Anti-marriages in your family will nolonger be there. I command the spirit of broken marriages yo leave you, right now.

God is changing your story. Get ready to testify!

Stay tuned to get events by Shepherd Bushiri – Shepherd Bushiri Events.

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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