Shoreline City Church Presents Easter Weekend

Shoreline City Church Presents Easter Weekend

Shoreline City Church Presents Easter Weekend

Join Shoreline City Church for a global celebration this Easter Weekend, centered around the theme of “Found.” In an Instagram announcement, the church shares details of their events, both in-person and online, designed to honor the significance of Easter.

Good Friday in the Garden at Dallas Arboretum
The weekend commences with “Good Friday in the Garden” at the Dallas Arboretum, a reflective gathering amidst nature’s beauty. While in-person attendance is at capacity, the event will be streamed online for all to participate in this solemn remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice.

Easter Services in Dallas, Frisco, and San Antonio
The celebration continues with Easter services across multiple locations and times. In Dallas, services are scheduled on Saturday evening and throughout Sunday morning. Frisco and San Antonio locations offer services exclusively on Sunday.

Online Worship for All
For those unable to attend in person, Shoreline City Church extends a warm welcome to join online services, streaming live on Sunday morning. Whether near or far, everyone is invited to be part of this uplifting celebration from the comfort of their homes.

A Time of Rediscovery and Renewal
The theme “Found” serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of Easter—a time when we rediscover our identity as cherished children of God, found in His unwavering love and grace. It’s an invitation to find joy and hope in being anchored in Christ, especially in times of uncertainty.

Save the Date
Mark your calendars for this special Easter Weekend at Shoreline City Church. Whether attending in person or online, prepare to experience the profound truth of being “found” in the love of Jesus Christ.

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