Sid Roth & Joe Dawson: I Saw Bored Angels. The Reason Will Shock You!

Sid Roth shares this message by & Joe Joe Dawson titled “I Saw Bored Angels. The Reason Will Shock You” where they revealed that God showed Joe Joe Dawson a group of bored angels waiting around. They teach that God Has No Limits and that when our thinking is wrong, our decisions and circumstances will reflect it. In his book, Kingdom Thinking, Joe Joe Dawson challenges you to confront the negative thought patterns that keep you from living your life to the fullest in God.

He said that a mind that is set on the Kingdom of God will manifest the Kingdom of God, bringing heaven to earth in your life.

Joe Joe’s 60-day devotional titled “Walking in Kingdom Power” will teach you how to live and operate in the Kingdom.

Watch and learn from this message by Sid Roth & Joe Joe Dawson: “I Saw Bored Angels. The Reason Will Shock You” as we bring the latest messages from Sid Roth to you.

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