Stephanie Ike: Do You Believe?

One ( A Potters House Church) shares this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike titled “ Do You Believe?” and it is a sermon you will love to listen to.

Pastor Ike teaches us in this sermon why we should ask ourselves if we believe?, she said that sometimes we say the word of faith from our mouth but there is no faith in us. When we pray to God we should have faith and believe that God will take care of our problems. Jesus is so loving and he was not condemning he was not trying to bring us into a place of Shame. Jesus meets us at the level of your faith, Jesus says “I meet you according to your capacity he said many times my children they’re asking me for things they don’t really believe. You see many times you would read in the scripture when Jesus would say to you know someone that was healed and he would say to the person your faith has healed you your faith has made you whole because he will meet you at the level of your faith.

Jesus is about your progress not your perfection he is not trying to rush the process with you he’s trying to take you from level to level. when you recognize when we get out of our feelings and stop being offended about what didn’t happen or what the timeline were things should be what God is trying to get you to. The Bible talks about different levels of faith right and the Bible talk about a person having no faith a person having little faith a person having a weak Faith right you will hear all these different dimensions of Faith great faith strong faith. God is all about you being raised up level to level he will never rush the process with you.

This is a message that you will love.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike “ Do You Believe?” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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  1. Hello my name is Dennis Niwasiima actually I been struggling with with a lot of things one part I be God and another I be world but after da sermon I realized wat faith is


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