Stephanie Ike Okafor: Is it Temptation or a Demonic Oppression?

One (A Potter’s House Church) shares this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike titled “Is it Temptation or a Demonic Oppression?” and it is a sermon you will love to listen to.

The text for the message is from James 1:13–15. “So it says this: when tempted, no one should say God is tempting me, for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone, but each person is tempted when they are dragged Away by their own evil desire and enticed right.”

Pastor Stephanie teaches us in this message how to differentiate between temptation and demonic oppression in our lives. It is very critical to recognize that not everything is a demonic Spirit. That is very important. Not everything is a sign of demonic oppression or demonic influence, because if we see everything that way, we also lose personal accountability and responsibility. We have to be very careful with what we are entertaining in our lives. Temptation comes when there is something you desire, but it’s not a desire that’s of God, because the Lord is saying, Look, I don’t tempt anyone. The Lord can test you, but he doesn’t tempt you because Temptation has the agenda for you to, you know, fall into something that is against you, while testing is to reveal what’s in you.

When the Lord is testing you it’s just like when you think about you know in a school when you’re taking an exam and you are you are tested right the test reveals your knowledge your knowledge of the subject your knowledge of the topic that’s why in order for you to go from one you know class to the next or you know one grade to the next you have to pass certain exams and tests and all of that because it reveals that you are equipped for what comes next so the Lord tests us right he knows everything but sometimes we don’t know what he knows and so their tests to show us where we stand in alignment to God but Temptation comes to draw you away from the path that God is calling you to now God does not design or set us up for failure right because even when God tests us it is to build us right so wherever you are in your journey when you recognize where you are then he can build you from a place of truth from place of humility.


This is a message that you will love.

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