Stephanie Ike Shares Nigerian Adventure on Social Media

Stephanie Ike Shares Nigerian Adventure on Social Media
Stephanie Ike Shares Nigerian Adventure on Social Media

California resident Stephanie Ike, Executive Pastor of The Potter’s House at One LA,  who left Nigeria as a teenager, has returned 16 years later and documented her homecoming journey on social media.

Stephanie, who resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, traveled to Nigeria to participate in the “From His Presence to His Power” Spiritual Awakening Conference held March 15-17 at the Guiding Light Assembly, Lagos, Nigeria. According to online announcements, she was among the esteemed ministers featured at the event.

Taking to her social media account, Stephanie shared a series of updates with photos and hashtags, offering a glimpse into her experience in Nigeria. Her posts began with a heartfelt message expressing gratitude for returning to a place “both known and new.”

The thread showcased a vibrant snapshot of Lagos life. Stephanie documented her adventures, from navigating the bustling streets by bus to enjoying a local favorite meal. She also hinted at the success of the Spiritual Awakening Conference hosted by Guiding Light Assembly. She shared a photo of her participation in a radio interview on “Lagos Talks FM.”

Interspersed with these professional updates were glimpses into her personal life. She shared a sweet moment with her husband and daughter, and a dinner date with popular Nigerian gospel artist Mercy Chinwo and her husband. Additionally, there was a throwback photo of her mother and a shoutout to her makeup artist.

The highlight, however, was a refreshing glass of Chapman, a popular Nigerian fruit drink. With the caption “A taste of home— Chapman (best fruit punch ever).”

Stephanie’s social media journey offers a window into the multifaceted experience of returning home after a significant amount of time. It’s a mix of rediscovering familiar sights and sounds, forging new connections, and cherishing the warmth of family and loved ones.


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