Stop Allowing the Internet to Control Your Emotions.

Stop Allowing the Internet to Control Your Emotions.

Stop Allowing the Internet to Control Your Emotions

Stop Allowing the Internet to Control Your Emotions: We have to know that social media is there to help us connect with our loved ones. Social media is there for us to share our talents and hobbies with the world.

We have to be careful when using social media in our lives as Christians. We have to take control of our emotions and feelings when using social media or the internet.

Allowing your mental health to decrease is a bad thing for ourselves. The currency of the Internet is outrage. When you get big, the media pays attention.

  1. Stay Away From Social Media: It’s fine to click away from the triggering news piece or social media chat when you feel yourself becoming angry. Disengagement is sometimes required.
  2. Be Smart: Inquire: Most people aimlessly scroll through posts, becoming enraged by badly edited clips or small pieces that lack context. Few people ask questions, go deeper, or conduct their own research.
  3. Suppress Emotions: It is important to protect your emotions when consuming and absorbing the opinions of writers and social media users.
  4. Avoid comment sections: Don’t waste your time on social media trying to read the comments of negative people. People engage in battle with random strangers, fighting over ideological disagreements, and disputing with trolls.
  5. Limit how much time you spend: When using social media, it is really important to limit the time you spend on social media. Keep your peace. Prioritize your goals. Respect your time. Reduce your emotional exposure to toxicity.


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