Strengthen My Moses – Pastor Alph LUKAU

Strengthen My Moses – Pastor Alph LUKAU

Alph Lukau is a servant of God and the lead pastor of Alleluia ministries which he founded. He is married to his beautiful wife, the First Lady Celeste Lukau who serves with him in ministry.

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Listen to his teaching on “Strengthen My Moses” below:


Be inspired by reading the declaration below:

The GREATEST anointing a man can ever have is such as it is IMPARTED on him. The Gifts Transferring Gathering signalled the birth of a new generation in God.

We received guests from all over the world. Pastors, Bishops, Ministers, Leaders, my sons and daughters – You have received spiritual gifts that money cannot buy and what education cannot give you.

From this day you will walk in POWER. You will prophesy accurately, you will cast out devils, you will heal the sick, you will perform miracles and signs and wonders will begin to manifest in your lives. So shall it be! IT CANNOT BE OTHERWISE!

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