Tauren Wells and Wife Announce Their New Church

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Tauren Wells and Wife Announce Their New Church


Tauren Wells and Wife Announce Their New Church : Renowned Christian artist Tauren Wells and his wife, Lorna, have announced an exciting new chapter in their lives. The couple finally answered the call and announced their own church  called “Church of the Whitestone”. The church is located in the heart of Austin, Texas. This move comes as a natural progression for the couple and beginning of great things to come.

The couple made the announcement in an Instagram post with Tauren stating that it has been long overdue.

“I get asked constantly now, “when did you feel called to start a church?” or “will you actually be the Pastor? Others have asked, “are you crazy?! why would you do this?” I’ve wrestled with all that…being misunderstood or my motives or sanity being questioned. All I can come back with is, I’m not crazy, I’m called.”

Church of the Whitestone

Tauren Wells and his wife Lorna, envision the Church of the Whitestone as a place for everyone. A place where individuals from all walks of life can come together to experience a vibrant and inclusive spiritual community.

It is clear that the dream is for  a place where people feel welcomed, regardless of their background,. Also a place where they can explore and deepen their relationship with God in a supportive environment.”

The Church of the Whitestone is set to be a dynamic hub for worship, fellowship, and community outreach. The church will also focus on connecting with both believers and those who may be exploring their faith.

Tauren Wells, celebrated for hits like “Hills and Valleys” and “Known,” has consistently used his platform to share messages of hope and encouragement. Now, alongside his wife, he aims to create a spiritual haven where people can find solace and inspiration in a rapidly changing world.

The Church of the Whitestone will have her first service on the 28th day of January, 2024. The church will be having three services -8:30am • 10:30am • 12:30pm. Location is at the Crossover Texas which is over 200,000 square feet.

As the Church of the Whitestone takes its first steps, the Austin community eagerly awaits the doors to open, one can  anticipate the positive impacts. The Church of the Whitestone is poised to become a beacon of faith and unity in the heart of Texas.

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