Tearful Joel Osteen prays for the 7-year-old Boy Shot in the Head at Lakewood Church

Tearful Joel Osteen prays for the 7-year-old Boy Shot in the Head at Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church senior pastor Joel Osteen was overcome with tears on Sunday as he prayed for the 7-year-old Samuel Moreno-Carranza, who was shot in his head at the megachurch on February 11.

Members of Lakewood Church were filled with shock after a woman described as wearing a trench coat and backpack and accompanied by a young child began shooting a rifle inside the church.

Police in Houston, Texas, confirmed on February 12 that the individual who carried out the attempted shooting was Genesse Ivonne Moreno,  a mentally troubled 36-year-old woman who had previously worshiped at the church.

While only the young boy she was with and a 57-year-old man were injured, the woman was shot dead by two off-duty officers at the incident. It is believed however that the church’s security team prevented what could have been a mass shooting.

However during the church’s Special Service of Healing, Prayer, and Unity on Sunday, Joel Osteen wept while praying for the boy who is reportedly barely clinging on to life at Texas Children’s Hospital and has very little brain activity.

“Lord … we lift up that little 7-year-old boy, Samuel, that was injured here, Lord, and [through] no fault of his own,” Osteen prayed in the video of the Sunday service available on YouTube.

“Lord, we know you can do what looks impossible. Even though medical reports don’t look good, Lord, I know he’s in your hands. Lord, I thank you that his destiny for his life will come to pass, and Lord, that your mercy is upon his life. We just pray your healing and wholeness. And Lord, I pray for all the family of the deceased and the troubled woman, Lord,” Osteen said before breaking down in tears and covering his face with his hands.

“Lord, I know she was troubled in her mind, but I know her family’s hurting. Lord, we know you’re in control. So I just pray for comfort for that family and just comfort for all those that are here. Lord, these are not tears of sadness but tears of your goodness and overwhelming,” he added.

“Just Your grace and Your mercy protecting us all. Lord, we know what it could have been. But here we are, and Lord, like already declared. I think that Lakewood is strong and that You bless us with awesome people. And we’re moving from glory to glory, from victory to victory. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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