The Lord Will Heal Your Broken Heart

The Lord Will Heal Your Broken Heart

The Lord will heal your broken heart.

The Lord Will Heal Your Broken Heart: Many places in the Bible tell us how much God loves us. We must understand and believe that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Most Christians are weak when it comes to believing in God because we focus on the past. Our past may not be the best, and maybe we trusted God, but bad things still happened.

Some of us are often heartbroken because we trust God but still face loss. Maybe you lose your loved ones while believing in God, but don’t give up on God.

The ways of the Lord are different from ours, and we can’t understand them with our human minds. No matter what loss you may have encountered in the past, God can restore it to you.

He will heal you of your broken heart and comfort you in times of trouble. We may not know the reason why God allowed some of the tragic events to happen to us, but we are to trust him more.

  • Is your partner or loved one sick, and you are afraid?
  • Maybe your business is falling apart?
  • Are your kids misbehaving?
  • Are you not doing well in school?
  • Are you being mistreated or bullied?
  • Is your partner hurting you?
  • Are you having a serious financial problem?

Don’t give up on God, and he won’t give up on you, for he is your father. No matter what you encounter in the future, just give it to your heavenly father.

Is God involved in your life?

The Lord Will Heal Your Broken Heart pt2

Most of us are not putting God first in our lives, and we expect to have a peaceful life. Life without Christ is full of crises because the enemy will do his best to torture the person.

Jesus Christ is always at the door of our hearts, knocking, and if we open up, he will come in. He wants to be in control of everything that concerns us so that he can protect us.

Some people think it is a bad idea to surrender to the Lord because they want to be in control. The Lord has given us the power of free will, but we have to use it to choose him.

If we are not careful, our faith can be shaken by the forces of darkness, bringing challenges into our lives. Everything that we encounter in this life is allowed by God so that we can grow.

Our heavenly father wants us to earn and grow so that we can stand against the enemy.

  • How much time do you spend with God?
  • Do you read your Bible?
  • Are you behaving like Christ? by loving and showing kindness to people around you.
  • Is your lifestyle representing God?
  • What are you watching and listening to?
  • What kind of words come out of your mouth?

Whatever we do here on earth should be to the glory of the Lord. How we relate to people around us is also important because we are the only Christ they are seeing.

Give it to God and be free.

The Lord Will Heal Your Broken Heart pt3

People are currently happy with being unforgiving, but they don’t know the consequences. No matter who has hurt you in the past and broke your heart, it is time to let go.

We can hold on to someone new when we are holding on to old things. Maybe you didn’t get your dream job, or you lost someone you hoped that God would save.

It can be heartbreaking to watch bad things happen to you, but you have to trust God. It won’t make sense at the moment, but at the right time, you’ll see the hands of the Lord.

Even in terrible situations, you’re not alone because we are promised by God that we are never alone. Cast all your burden on God, for he will give you rest.

Pray and cry to him concerning your problems, but never doubt his power in your life.


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