Top 5 Called Leaders Podcast Episodes to Propel You into 2024

Top 5 Called Leaders Podcast Episodes to Propel You into 2024

Top 5 Called Leaders Podcast Episodes to Propel You into 2024: As 2023 draws to a close, bestselling author, pastor, and businessman Touré Roberts releases a selection of his most popular “Called Leaders” podcast episodes, urging listeners to revisit key lessons before embarking on the “unprecedented” year of 2024.

“Before I thrust myself into a new frontier, I revisit lessons learned and insight amassed in my previous season to ensure that my growth is exponential,” Roberts wrote in a Thursaday Instagram post.

“These 5 @calledleaders episodes were the audience favorites and received the highest reviews. And each one gets straight to the point and is 25 minutes or less,” he emphasized.

The 5 Best Called Leaders Podcast Episodes according to Roberts include:

  1. The Economy of Self
  2. Overcoming Procrastination
  3. Motivation
  4. 5 Keys to Master the Mind Game
  5. The Three Levels of Success Series.

Roberts is challenging everyone to “select at least one of these topics (or all five) and listen to them before the year ends.” “I believe it’s going to allow you to finish strong, and start the new year equipped and exhilarated for all that 2024 has in store,” he assured

Called Leadership is a “dynamic growth and development resource for professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs and everyone searching for tips, strategies, fresh ideas, and practical tools. Additionally, it seeks to offer listeners “a distinct edge in their industry, career, endeavor, or calling.”

With over a quarter million downloads in its first season and countless testimonials, pastor Touré Roberts expresses his deepest gratitude for the community’s support, further assuring listeners of more topics of growth and insight.

“I’m so grateful for the quarter million downloads of season 1 and the thousands of testimonials I’ve received. I can’t wait to share the new topics of growth and insight with you that I’ve been chewing on while on break.”

“2024 is going to be unprecedented for those of us who refuse to be random,” Roberts declares. But know we are unequivocally called!”


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