Transformation Church’s ‘The Making Of ‘Overflow The Album’ Now on YouTube

Transformation Church's 'The Making Of 'Overflow The Album' Now on YouTube

Transformation Church’s ‘The Making Of ‘Overflow The Album’ Now on YouTube

Pastor Mike Todd and Transformation Church has announced an exciting update.  “Evidence: The Making Of Overflow The Album’ is now available on YouTube.

The Church recently debuted a new project, titled “Overflow”. The Album is more than just a collection of worship songs; it’s a journey of faith, worship, and divine inspiration. “Overflow” is captured for everyone to experience. The album which debuted a week ago has sparked series of testimonies all over the world.

By streaming “Evidence: The Making Of Overflow The Album,” viewers can delve into the behind-the-scenes process. It is an invitation to witness the dedication, prayer, and faith that went into creating this inspirational collection. It’s an opportunity to connect with the church’s mission and see firsthand how God’s presence is being manifested in their community.

Pastor Todd in a video announcing the debut invites everyone to join in and be part of this spiritual journey. “I’m putting this whole moment on here for all the people that a reminder that God STILL DOES MIRACLES!!!!!”

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience. Head over to Transformation Church YouTube and stream “Evidence: The Making Of Overflow The Album” right now.

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