Travis Greene’s Wife, Dr. Jackie, Serenades Him On His Birthday

Travis Greene's Wife, Dr. Jackie, Serenades Him On His Birthday
Travis Greene’s Wife Dr. Jackie Serenades Him On His Birthday

Travis Greene’s Wife, Dr. Jackie, Serenades Him On His Birthday

Pastor Travis Greene’s wife,  Dr. Jackie Greene, surprised her husband with an original song on his birthday. The song titled “Forever” is a musical masterpiece that transcended the ordinary. Dr. Jackie not only  expressed her deep affection but also showcased her musical prowess. She rendered a soul-stirring song dedicated to the love of her life at his surprise birthday party last weekend.

Titled “Eternal Melody,” the song is a testament to the couple’s enduring bond and the milestones they have shared throughout their journey together. Dr. Greene, known for her powerful and emotive voice, poured her heart into every note, creating an intimate and enchanting experience for her husband and all who were fortunate enough to witness the heartfelt performance.

Dr. Greene’s sincere and personal touch resonated with everyone in the room, evoking both tears and smiles among the audience. The lyrics of the song painted a vivid picture of the couple’s being in forever surrender to God.

Friends, family, and fans alike were moved by the beautiful gesture. The video which Dr. Jackie posted on social media had people expressing their admiration for the couple. Social media buzzed with heartfelt messages as the video of the performance quickly went viral, touching the hearts of thousands around the world.

Dr. Jackie Greene’s “Forever” not only celebrated a special day but also served as a poignant reminder of the power of love and the ability of music to convey emotions that words alone cannot capture. In this extraordinary birthday surprise, she not only gifted her husband a song but also gave the world a glimpse into her muscial prowess.Being the wife of a renowned gospel artist, we can say that Pastor Travis Greene is definitely rubbing off on her.

Check out the video below.

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