Uebert Angel Commends Lovy Elias Humility Gestures

Uebert Angel Commends Lovy Elias Humility Gestures
Uebert Angel Commends Lovy Elias Humility Gestures


Uebert Angel has expressed his displeasure over the failure of some men of God he mentored to acknowledge him as their godfather, he however admitted that some, among which includes Lovy Elias have boldly recognized him as their godfather.
The Good News Church founder has in a Thursday Instagram post acknowledged his self-acclaimed wide recognition as the godfather of the modern-day prophetic movement. He divulged holding the recognition in high esteem.
The British-Zimbabwean pastor strongly condemned in a statement those who fail to recognize his mentorship. He related their action to pride, adding that it is a “pure sin.” However, he highly commended Revelation Church founder Elias Lovy for proclaiming that he and his wife Bebe are his “prophetic parents”
“I don’t take it lightly that Christendom recognizes me as the Godfather of the prophetic movement, shaping the paths of both influential prophets and not so exposed individuals. I have lovingly fathered, raised, and mentored countless aspiring and mature prophets and prophetic voices, igniting a flame within them to the prophetic torch as the dictates of scripture demand. Some proclaim their prophetic link to my fatherhood of them boldly, while others hide it by pride.”
Angel went on to express his admiration for not only how Elias had humbly served as his personal assistant but also how he has significantly grown in his ministry over the years.
“Lovy Elias shine brightly, from his early age as my dedicated protégé,” Angel wrote. “dedicated son, faithfully serving as my PA, carrying the bible humbly, even cleaning my quarters, holding the mic for me, traveling with me the length and breadth of the earth to embracing his unique calling and captivating different nationalities with his spiritual potency and flavor. As a father in this realm, it fills me with joy to witness such profound growth.”


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