Uebert Angel Jr Urges Individuals To Embrace Sonship

Uebert Angel Jr Urges Individuals To Embrace Sonship

Uebert Angel Jr Urges Individuals To Embrace Sonship: Uebert Angel Jr, the first son of Spirit Embassy Church founder Uebert Angel has beckoned individuals to seek spiritual guidance and embrace sonship.

In a resonating message shared Monday on His Instagram page, the resident pastor of Spirit Embassy London emphasized the importance of finding a spiritual father, highlighting that “Fathers are Feathers, if you have no father, you have no feather to fly on.”

His message delved further emphasizing the critical role a spiritual father plays in unlocking one’s potential for growth and achieving success. It asserts that “The key to your next level is hidden in your spiritual father.”

Additionally, Uebert Jr. clarifies that sonship is not defined by the duration of association with a mentor but by the commitment to long-term guidance and support. “Sonship is not how long you have been with a man, but how long you will be with a man,” he wrote.

Furthermore, he differentiated individuals seeking impact on a global scale from those with local aspirations. He asserts that “only those with visions for nations require fathers, those with local visions do not need fathers.”

Uebert message concludes with a heartfelt declaration of gratitude and encouragement. He proclaimed, “I am blessed to have a father to a dispensation,” and urged others to follow suit, stating, “Find a father & submit under that grace.”

The London-based pastor’s message comes two days after reuniting with his family in Nigeria on the occasion of Pastor Chris Oyakilome’s birthday. However, describing his visit to Nigeria as a time of immense spiritual growth and personal connection he wrote:

“After several months of not seeing my father, it was a great pleasure to see him again in Nigeria this week, with my mother celebrating the great Pastor Chris DSc DSc DD.”

“I am a Grace collector and this week I collected a certain level of spiritual collections that I can not wait to distribute to the United Kingdom.”

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