Vlad Savchuk Highlights 5 Reasons Not to Celebrate Christmas

Vlad Savchuk Highlights 5 Reasons Not to Celebrate Christmas

Vlad Savchuk Highlights 5 Reasons Not to Celebrate Christmas: Christmas, a glittering jewel in the winter months, holds many meanings for many people. While its religious origin lies in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, it has woven itself into a tapestry of cultural traditions, family gatherings, and festive cheer. Yet, for some, this joyous occasion might not resonate in the same way.

In this regard, Hungrygen Church senior pastor Vlad Savchuk has however taken to social media to highlight 5 reasons why one might consider not celebrating Christmas.

According to Savchuk’s Saturday Instagram post, the five reasons not to celebrate Christmas include:

  1. Christmas has a pagan Origin.
  2. Christians did not celebrate Christmas until Christianity became a state religion
  3. Jesus was not born on December 25
  4. There is not one command or suggestion in the bible to celebrate Jesus’ birth
  5. If the world celebrates it it makes us as Christians hesitant concerning Christmas

In the full video of the message available on YouTube, Savchuk explained explicitly each of his points. He also explained why one might adopt these same reasons to celebrate Christmas. He however conclusively emphasized that he would celebrate Christmas because to him” it’s a joyful time”.

“I know Jesus was not born on December 25th,” he said. “But we will gather with our family we will praise God for his birth and I’m going to enjoy some Christmas carols and as well as having a wonderful time remembering that God sent his only son to save me and to save us.”

Ultimately, the decision to celebrate Christmas is personal, as diverse as the tapestry of experiences and beliefs it represents. Respecting individual choices and celebrating in ways that resonate with each person’s values is key to maintaining the true spirit of the season

watch the full video below:

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