Ways To Heal Your Inner Child

Ways to Heal Your Inner Child

Ways To Heal Your Inner Child

Ways to Heal Your Inner Child: Not everyone has a beautiful childhood growing up, and that can cause problems in the future.

When childhood trauma is not acknowledged and addressed, it can manifest in a variety of ways. No matter what the childhood trauma is, God has the power to heal us completely.

God has given us the Holy Spirit to teach us everything that we need to know. The Holy Spirit is to give us comfort during our problems.

It’s never too late to start the journey of healing your inner child. We all have an inner child in us that can be our representation at an early age.

We have to be aware of our inner child so that we can connect and heal.

“Being in touch with the joys of childhood can be an excellent way of dealing with challenging times.” Dr. Diana Raab

What is an inner child?

Inner child is often used to describe the link you have within yourself with your child self and your childhood memories.

Not everyone has a joyful and playful childhood; some have experienced neglect, trauma, or other feelings of sadness.

Some people are good at hiding their pain in order to heal themselves. Hiding your pain will not help you heal it, but it will show up in your adult life.

Ways to Heal Your Inner Child pt2

If you want to live a happy life as an adult, you have to heal your inner child. God wants us to live a happy life, and we have to run to him for healing.

  1. Recognize and Accept Your Inner Child: Some of us can remember everything that happened in our childhood. We can only remember moments that had an impact on us as children. Looking at a photo can help us recall some moments. We have to take some time to recall some memories and accept that there can be challenging moments.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Inner Child: Pay attention to what your inner child wants from you as an adult now. Know that your younger self has wounds that need to heal.
  3. Make a Letter: Write a letter to your younger self as an adult that can help you heal. This can be a profoundly healing and loving practice. It gives your inner child access to your adult wisdom.
  4. Journaling: Journaling has a lot of mental health benefits. This can help us clarify your thoughts and feelings by writing them down.
  5. Ask God for help: God cares about everything that concerns us. If we want to heal completely, we need strength from God. God will give us ideas and ways to heal so that we can be as happy as he wants us to be.
  6. Put Reparenting into Practice: We have to start treating ourselves with kindness and self-love. We can start by learning how to understand our own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as how we have previously attempted to meet those needs.
  7. Love yourself: Caring for your inner child is really a healing process. Love yourself and take care of yourself by having fun.
  8. Forgive and let go:  Forgiveness is the best way we can heal ourselves and become better. No matter what has happened in the past, we have to forgive those who might have hurt us and let go.



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