What is it that Breaks your Heart?

What is it that breaks your heart

What is it about it that breaks your heart?

What is it that breaks your heart? Many people are wetting their pillows at night, and life has been harder for others.

We are living in tough times, and we have to wake up very soon. Is it time for us believers to be strong and intentional about everything that we do?

This is our time to stand firm and do the work of Christ. No matter what you are going through, trust in the Lord, and he’ll.

There are people who have been praying to God for healing, but they’re still sick. Every year, things seem to get worse for some people, and they’re losing their faith in God.

God is aware of what you’re going through, and only he can save you. Whatever you remember that brings tears to your eyes, God will heal you.

Some challenges are allowed into our lives by God for us to learn and grow. Let’s do our part by understanding what God is planning to teach us in any situation.

Crying to the Lord in prayer can relieve us of the pain in our hearts. Complaining won’t bring any positive change to our situations.

Cast all your burden on God.

What is it that breaks your heart pt2

Our heavenly father knows what we are going through, and he wants to save us. Jesus Christ knew that we couldn’t handle this life on our own, so he gifted us the Holy Spirit.

It’s time for us to allow God to heal us in areas where we are hurt by giving ourselves to him. Letting go and forgiving people who may have hurt you in the past can help you.

We can’t control how people are going to treat us, but we can decide to move on or not. People who have hurt you don’t really care about you, so why are you holding on to the grudges?

Give it up and allow him to heal you so that you can grow into someone great. Jesus Christ is ready to heal you and give you a new start.

It’s time to say goodbye to your hurtful past and step into a new level of greatness. The Lord has a wonderful plan for you if only you allow him to take control.

There are things that are not in our power to do, like healing a sick loved one. Cast it all on God, and he’ll give you rest.

Cry to God, but don’t complain. 

What is it that breaks your heart pt3

We are all humans, and there are moments in our lives when our situations can be overwhelming. Most people think it’s bad to cry as Christians, but that’s not true.

Cry when you feel like crying, for God hears our cry, and he’ll answer. The mistake that most of us make is to complain instead of praying to God.

Jesus Christ cried when he was praying to his father in heaven, so if the burden is heavy, cry. Complaining means that you don’t trust the Lord to take control.

After crying to the Lord, make sure not to doubt him. God is powerful, and he does powerful things when our faith is strong in him.

We, as human beings, are emotional creatures, but we must learn how to control them. When the devil comes knocking at your heart with fear, answer him with faith.

The enemy will do everything to remind you that God doesn’t love you. Just because you are in a bad situation doesn’t mean that you are unloved.

Remember that God gives the hardest battle to his strongest soldier. You are powerful in God’s sight, so don’t give up on him, and he won’t give up on you.

The Lord will heal your broken heart and comfort you by restoring everything you lost.

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