When Nobody Supports You

When Nobody Supports You

When Nobody Supports You

When Nobody Supports You: Sometimes in life, you can feel abandoned or not supported by people around you.

Some of us have opened businesses, and none of our friends or family have supported us. The feeling of not being appreciated can be.

You can have a YouTube channel or website where you post about your passion, but you don’t get support.

It’s not okay for your family and friends not to contribute to your growth, but don’t give up on yourself. No matter what you are doing in life, just know that God is supporting you.

Your heavenly father loves you, and he’ll make a way for you when the time is right. When you look down on yourself, that’s when you begin to lose.

Life can be hard sometimes, but we are stronger than we think because God is with us. The Lord has better plans than the ones we have for ourselves.

The thought he has for us is good and not evil, to give us a beautiful end. When you wake up every day, do your best, and God will do the rest.

Many of us try to do everything by ourselves, but we are created to trust and depend on Jesus Christ.

Don’t listen to hate talk.

Stop comparing yourself pt2


People will do their best to mock your craft and talk negatively, but don’t listen to them. Do your best every day to improve in whatever you are doing, which will make you better.

When you hear someone talk badly about your business, instead of feeling bad, find a way to improve. The plan of those who hate you is to make you give up on your dreams.

Don’t give your haters or enemies the satisfaction of seeing you lose. When you are feeling down because of mockers, just run to God, for he will support you.

Whatever dreams or goals you have in your heart were placed there by God. There is something great in you that only God knows, and he wants to bring it out.

Stop being afraid of doing things that will bring you close to your dream life. Remember to involve God in every decision so that he’ll take control.

When the creator of the universe is in control, everything will work out in your favor. Your dreams and goals might take a long time to come true, but keep working hard.

No matter how long it takes, just trust God’s timing, because at the right time everything will be in your favor.

God knows that there are things in our lives that we can’t do alone, so he sent us the Holy Spirit. The spirit of God is to guide us through everything in life.

The Lord’s plans are always better than ours, for he is a master planner. He loves us so much that he can do anything for us in order to make us happy and safe.

Keep Shining 

Stop comparing yourself pt3

We are the light of the world, so let us shine through everything that we do. Your talents and gifts are not given to you by mistake, so value them.

Many people in the world are afraid to show what their talents are. When we get to heaven, God will question us about the talents and gifts that he has given us.

Stop being shy and show what your heavenly father has given you. It doesn’t matter if anyone is supporting you or not, because God is forever your best supporter.

Make sure that your talents and gifts are being used in a godly way. God will not be happy with us if we use our talents and gifts for worldly purposes.

It might take time, but just know that God is always with you, and he is your biggest supporter. Whenever you face any challenges, run to him, and he will deliver you.

Remember to do your best every day to improve, and don’t listen to those who hate you.




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