Who Are Your Friends?

Who are your friends

Who are your friends?

Who are your friends? Most times in our lives, we are not careful about who we choose to be our friends. Anyone we associate with in life can influence us in a good or bad way.

God wants us to socialize with other people, but there should be a good influence on us. If you surround yourself with people who will help you grow, that will limit.

We have to ask God to give us the us the power to cut off people who are slowing down in life. Bad friends can make us lose focus on the direction we want our lives to go.

The thought that God has for us is good and not evil, so that he can give us a happy end. With the wrong us, we can also miss out on the plans that our Heavenly Father has for us.

If you are a big dreamer, don’t hang out with dream eaters because they’ll give you reasons why it won’t work.

For every dream and goal that the Lord has placed in your heart, he’ll give you grace to achieve them. The goals and vision are given to you alone, so don’t think that people can understand you.

Hang out with people who will support you and help you achieve your goals.

Christians should be careful.

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As children of God, we must be careful about the people we let into our lives. There are going to be people who will come into our lives so that they can make us fall out of faith.

Our main goal is to have friends that will help us in our spiritual journey as Christians. Don’t have friends that are encouraging you to go to ungodly places to have fun.

Have friends who are serious about their lives and their futures so that they can help you grow. There are going to be times when you might feel overwhelmed in life, but the right friends can help you.

Make the right friends that will help you know how much God loves you when you are losing your faith. Be friends with people who are happy with themselves if you want to be happy.

If you want to be successful, hang out with people who are successful and are working hard. As a Christian, if you want to get closer to God, be with people who are spiritually close to God.

Remember that just because someone is a Christian does not mean they are a good  friend.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

What are you communicating?

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When you are hanging out with anyone, pay attention to what they are discussing. Be careful, because bad or negative conversations can destroy your future.

If you have friends who gossip or plan evil things about other people, they’ll influence you over time. Find people who talk about things that will help you grow in life.

Teenagers and young adults who talk about pornography and drugs don’t really care about their future. The world has normalized that kind of discussion, even in public, but remember that you’re of God.

What video and article are you reading online? because what we watch can also influence our lives, so pick the right role models.

Be careful about the movies that you watch because not everything is what we are meant to watch. On social media, make sure that you’re following people who can positively impact your life.

Follow Christian influencers because they can teach you things that can make you grow. Not every song is meant for us to listen to as children of God, so pick the right music and singers to listen to.


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