Why We Should Embrace The Light – Bobbie Houston

Why We Should Embrace The Light - Bobbie Houston

Why We Should Embrace The Light – Bobbie Houston

In a captivating Instagram post, Bobbie Houston shares a powerful message of hope and resilience.

As the sun sets on a Sunday afternoon, Bobbie’s keen observation captures the essence of the moment. She observed the fading light, lengthening shadows, and the persistent tug of encroaching darkness. But amidst this natural phenomenon, Bobbie discerns a profound metaphor—one that speaks volumes about the unyielding brilliance of Christ’s light.

Bobbie reminds us that while darkness may cast its shadow, it can never extinguish the radiant glow of the Light. Drawing from Isaiah 60, she paints a vivid picture of God’s glory breaking through the darkness. This glory is beckoning us to lift our faces to the sunlight and bask in His eternal radiance.

With her trademark blend of wisdom and wonder, Bobbie infuses her message with a sense of urgency and assurance. She calls upon us to remain steadfast, to keep our eyes fixed on the Light even in the midst of life’s shadows. For in doing so, we become beacons of hope, drawing others to the warmth and love of God’s eternal light.

In this tumultuous world where darkness often threatens to engulf us, Bobbie’s words serve as a timely reminder of our calling to defy the shadows and embrace the transformative power of God’s light. Let us heed her message, let us walk in the radiance of His truth, and let us shine brightly as we journey onward, together.

Bobbie Houston was a co-pastor of Hillsong Church alongside her husband, Brian Houston,

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