Why You Should Never Chase Money – Prophet Lovy Elias

 Why You Should Never Chase Money - Prophet Lovy Elias

Why You Should Never Chase Money – Prophet Lovy Elias

Prophet Lovy Elias has taken it upon himself to share with us the wisdom of wealth. in a short video posted on Instagram, Prophet Lovy admonishes his followers to stop chasing the bag. According to the Prophet, anyone advising you to chase the bag is deceiving you.

Speaking further on this, Prophet Lovy stated that we should be chasing value instead of the bag. According to him, every wealthy person in life has a service they provide that brings the money. In other words, it is the value that you bring or add to people that attracts the money.

The Prophet further advised that we should stop chasing the “bag”.

“Stop chasing the bag and start adding value to your life. Money comes to those who have value and not to people chasing money”.

Also, the Prophet in his conclusion stated that if we continue to chase the money, we will never stop and we will never be satisfied. Instead, his advise is that you find a service to give, add value to yourself. It is when you do this that the whole world will come to you.

“That is how God wants it to be” he added.


Prophet Lovy Elias’ teachings on why one should never chase money provide a refreshing perspective in a society often driven by materialistic values. By emphasizing on purpose-driven living, and adding value to yourself, he inspires individuals to reassess their priorities and seek a more meaningful and rewarding life beyond the pursuit of financial success.

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