Worldly Life Is Not Better Than Godly Living

Worldly Life Is Not Better Than Godly Living

Worldly Life Is Not Better Than Godly Living

Worldly Life Is Not Better Than Godly Living: Currently, in our world, people are normalizing sin and enjoying it. As Christians, we are not expected to live like the rest of the world.

We are representing God in every area of our lives, and the world is watching us. Godly living is not as bad and boring as the world portrays it to be.

Godly living does not have any consequences but is full of rewards like peace of mind, joy, and happiness. The life of sin can lead to destruction and pain in the end, but the devil makes it look fun.

Sins like addiction, lying, cheating, pornography, and fornication will only lead us to hell and forever pain. Many people in the world claim that God does not want us to have freedom, but that’s not true.

Others claim that Christians are not expected to have fun at all, and that’s also a lie. Our Heavenly Father wants us to live a happy life here on earth, but we must do it the right way so that we can be with him in heaven.

The Lord has given us the power of free will, but we must be smart to use it right. Living a godly life can bring us many benefits like;

  • Peace of mind
  • Healthier relationship
  • Stable mental health
  • sense of integrity and righteousness
  • discovering a life purpose

God will give us peace of mind.

Worldly Life Is Not Better Than Godly Living pt2

When we live according to the will of God, our lives will be full of peace because our Lord is the prince of peace. Gambling, stealing, cheating, and fornication will only bring trouble like debts, loss of trust, and loss of integrity.

You will never see a godly person who is a slave to addictions and other sins. As Christians, we are not claiming to be perfect; that’s why the Holy Spirit is there to guide us.

When we have peace of mind, that will help us have healthy relationships with ourselves and those around us. As children of God, we are meant to be the happiest people on earth, not because we don’t have troubles, but because our God is always in control.

Depending on God is really important in our lives as his children because the enemy will do his best to steal our peace. There will be trials and tribulations on our way, but our Lord will see us through when we trust him.

Trusting God can lead to mental well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Believing in God and feeling connected to him can provide comfort during difficult times.

A sinful life can make us lose our purpose.

Every single one of us created on this earth has a great purpose that God has given us. Sometimes we can see ungodly people who are more successful than us, but they might not be fulfilling their godly purpose.

Most rich and famous people who are living a sinful life always end up confused and unhappy. When you are living a godly life, that will help guide you when you are rich or famous because you’re always guided by God.

A sinful life can lead us to self-sabotaging, where our efforts and achievements are hindered because of our sins, leaving us frustrated and miserable, failing to reach our potential.

When we see someone who is living a worldly life, instead of judging, we can pray for them. As Christians, we do not envy the ungodly lifestyle because godly living is better.

Fun Things We Can Do as Christians 

    • Go to the cinema
    • Fellowship
    • Christian music concerts 
    • Sports 
    • Go eat out with friends and family. 
    • Attend conferences 
    • Volunteer
    • Sign up for art class, and so on.
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